Troubleshoot of QuickBooks Script Error|10 Ways to Fix this Error

QuickBooks Script Error

QuickBooks desktop uses Internet Explorer to download updates and open and show most of its windows. Script errors in QuickBooks occur when trying to access a web page and windows pop up “There was an error on this page. This means that the command is not being executed or some bug or problem trying to connect to the Internet. This is called” QuickBooks Script Error “.

What is Script Error?

In case you were trying to access a web page through your QuickBooks, but the website did not open and you received an error message “An that error occurred in the text of this page”, and then you are troubling a QB script Error. This is also possible when trying to open a QB company file. The script error message may look something like the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 8.47.09 AM.png

In this next blog post, we will help you identify possible causes behind the “QuickBooks script Error” problem again, and we will highlight various scenarios to guide you through the troubleshooting steps to remove the “script error message in QuickBooks”.

What are the causes of QuickBooks script error?

The main reason why QuickBooks accepts JavaScript errors is your fault browser. QuickBooks is optimized to work with Net Explorer, and modern QuickBooks Desktop Utility requires Internet Explorer Eleven or later first-class performance. If your browser is old or faulty, you may have a JavaScript error. Some different goals include:

  • Uploading transactions from an account not yet created.
  • Uploading bills or bills from a specific or incorrect account.
  • Inuit Internet sites are not brought up based on the website in the Internet settings.

Main symptoms of QuickBooks Script error

Slow net speed is not a common feature or indication that you received a script error in QuickBooks. In the event that QuickBooks does not display an error message, you may detect this in QuickBooks even if you are jogging through any script error.

  1. You are using an existing account name and account number.
  2. when your computer system contains malware or spyware.
  3. Your Javascript or VB script has installation errors.
  4. When your Processing tasks are blocked or disabled.
  5. The script software format does not conflict with the data you downloaded from the web source you are trying to access.
  6. When your Internet browser cache is full or corrupted.
  7. The account that you are trying to import the invoice or bill does not match your available assets.
  8. When your computer’s firewall or any other third-party program prevents script work.
  9. Your QuickBooks data file is damage.
  10. When you are trying to import or fix a non-existent account.

Script error on QuickBooks desktop

Script errors in QuickBooks are a common Internet Explorer error. This is when programs like QuickBooks exchange data with a website. Script errors displayed. Despite trying to download facts from the QuickBooks Online server to show files from the QuickBooks user. There is a script error and there is an error downloading the data. This error can also occur when running any version of QuickBooks. Veterans such as QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to fix QuickBooks script error

There are many possible reasons for script errors in QuickBooks. Troubleshooting each other until you find the root cause and make the decision available. Here are the following troubleshooting steps for script errors in QuickBooks.

Step 1: Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer data
  • Open Net Explorer
  • Select the device
  • Click Internet Options, and then the General tab.
  • Then Tap the Delete option under Browsing History.
  • Identify all options, such as cookies, history and temporary Internet files
  • Click Follow.
Step 2: Disable Microsoft Internet Explorer Tools
  • Open IE
  • Go to the device
  • Select the net option
  • Select the Packages tab
  • Click Manage Items
  • Disable the add-on feature and select and click the OK button.
Step 3: Add an Internet source to a website online
  • Open IExplorer
  • Select the device
  • Then Go to Internet options.
  • Click on the Security tab.
  • Then Add * .Intute.com ‘Add Website.
Step 4: Disable the script debugging browser
  • Go to the Internet options in IE
  • Then Click on the Advanced tab
  • Show both options.
  • Check them out and click on the Apply button and the OK button.
Step 5: Configure security settings

Any script enables in the default Windows Security application should be disabled. Configure security apps or get help from experts in QuickBooks remotely.

Step 6: Damaged Windows Users

If your person is corrupted or damaged in Windows, create a new user with the same admin rights to prevent script errors. This is only relevant if you are getting script errors with every internet resource.

Step 7: Restore the Financial Management Plugin Software Program
  • Script processing utility may be damage. And you have to reinstall or reinstall the software program.
  • Find plugins that are installed in your control panel
  • Restore all plugins such as .Net Framework.
Step 8: Verify scripting and uninstall ActiveX

Active X controls in Explorer are disabled at a high level of security

  • Open IE and go to Internet options
  • Then Select a tool and click on the Security tab
  • Click Default Level and click on Good

Sometimes ActiveX is damage, which prevents the browser from displaying QuickBooks facts. however, Uninstall the file to unlock entry rights in your QuickBooks file.

Step 9: Uninstall or delete ActiveX file in Internet Explorer
  • Go to the options in IE.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Then Click View System.
  • View all ActiveX files currently associated with the system.
  • Find a filename that starts with ‘loc qboax11’ such as ‘qboax11’ or ‘qboax11’.
  • Then Close all Net Explorers running on your home windows and make sure the files posted are removed from the system
Step 10: Repair your QB file.

Restore your QuickBooks company file using the QuickBooks File Doctor or QB Tool Hub Then Download and install the QuickBooks file from the Doctor’s official QuickBooks download web page.

Final Note

We hope you found this article helpful and you can now fix the problem with your Internet Explorer script error in QuickBooks. If you still don’t know how to prevent script errors again, don’t hesitate to contact our Pro Advisors team for reliable and comprehensive support.

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