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QuickBooks for Mac is software for Mac devices that facilitates all bookkeeping and accounting operations. QuickBooks Mac features unique and unique Mac features, including professional invoice, account sales, and tracked sales option. It is suitable for all small businesses and can also be used by professionals,

QuickBooks Pro for Mac provides two-way access. First it allows you to access any accounting data from anywhere on your Mac device. It also allows you to give your login details to other users to access your accounting data.

QuickBooks Desktop is a powerful on-premises accounting software that can be installed on a computer. It incorporates tools to simplify accounting for businesses by making data easier to process and analyze. QuickBooks also provides industry-specific solutions and advanced reporting and security features based on the versions users are using. Intuit has developed products for QuickBooks for Mac, and PCs that meet the customers’ needs of two extensive operating systems. QB for Mac shares many features with their PC counterparts, and they are not identical.

Key features of QuickBooks Mac

  • Allows businesses to link credit card accounts to a bank that increases automatic payments.
  • Cash flow control is the option to avoid any constraints on cash flow in different areas of the business
  • Instant payment on invoice receipt and its verification.
  • One click reporting helps to automate expenses so you can accurately record all spending activities. Some for features are :
1. This is as easy as it can be

One of the most compelling reasons to allow you to start using software depends mainly on the level of access that the software provides. The software behind QuickBooks is that it has so many aesthetic details that it makes the system more difficult to maintain. There are a lot of pointers and software tools that are suitable for use in software.

It is easy to categorize the system so that the new user can operate his or her system with simple and easy guidelines. This makes the customer more comfortable using the platform to meet their financial needs.

2. Multi-user access

With the Pro version of QuickBooks, the user database can be accessed by about three people, who can access the data and make changes in the same way. With this type of facility it significantly improves the efficiency of managing accounts. Most accounting software does not have the right to have more than one user accessing company accounts.

3. Financial Database Tracking

This feature of QuickBooks helps you get information about whether you need to go ahead with processing information. Completely upgrading or reducing your business depends on the actual financial performance of your company’s accounting system in the market.

To make sure the system works well, you need to fully track all the records you have spent from capital. With QuickBooks, you can easily track your financial situation and make strategic decisions based on system performance.

4. Data Transfer

The compatibility of the software has reached its peak. The platform enables you to transfer or export data to related data transfer software. The compatibility of such software with related streams is important for expanding the user database. One of the big companies is exporting excel sheets from MS Excel.

When data is transferred, it can be modified to suit the user’s needs and this means that the user does not need to make changes to fit the data according to the QuickBooks format.

5. Data organization

Many new interventions have been introduced in the software and one of the main highlights is adding the company. The software takes care of the various financial aspects of running your business and organizing the data systematically. However There are many more added to the firmware that help you easily select the data you need to complete tasks. The software is easy enough to ensure there are no problems along the way.

Pros of Quickbooks for Mac

  • User Friendly: Like most QuickBooks products, QuickBooks for Mac is easy to set up and navigate, even if you don’t have a bookkeeping or accounting background.
  • Great features for low cost: QuickBooks for Mac features 299.99 with many features at an affordable one time cost; Some of the features included in QB for A / R, A / P, List Tracking and 1099 Reporting Mac.

Cons of quick books for Mac

  • Shortcomings: The Mac version of QuickBooks is feature-poor compared to the PC version for many years
  • Minimizes integration: Unlike the PC version, the QuickBooks integration for the Mac falls short in the area; There is no app or parallel app that can integrate with the Mac version
  • Buggy: QuickBooks for Mac is routinely reported as very buggy with bugs and crashes, causing the user to re-start the application and sometimes get lost in the recently recorded work.
  • Limited technical support: When you buy QuickBooks for Mac, it comes with unlimited technical support for the first 30 days; Next, you need to buy a help plan to get help or hire a QuickBooks expert
  • Maximum of three user licenses: QuickBooks for Mac comes with the option of purchasing one user license and two additional licenses if other users are required to access your data.
  • Poor support: Onboard help files are not very helpful and can be very frustrating when searching for a specific item
  • No Payroll: There is no payroll module that you can pay and use for the Mac version of your QuickBooks; If you need payroll features, then you must subscribe to an online payroll service from QuickBooks or other payroll service
  • Visit QuickBooks for Mac

QB for Mac Price

QuickBooks for Mac is a locally installed software. You can purchase the QB Desktop for Mac 299.95 Mac license directly from Intuit. You can also buy software from resellers such as Staples, Best Buy or Amazon.

When you buy QB for a Mac license, the license will last you three years. Three years later, QuickBooks supports the software. This means that you will be forced to constantly update and buy back the software. Fortunately, Intuit Store often offers QuickBooks at a discounted price to Mac QB.

QuickBooks for Mac License

  • $ 299.95
  • Invoices and Estimates
  • Cost Tracking
  • Contact management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Time care
  • Project management
  • Budget
  • Inventory
  • 100+ reports
  • User

How QuickBooks for Mac Works

QuickBooks for Mac is like QuickBooks for how it works. After purchasing the software, you must install it on your computer before using it. Once established, you will need to provide some details about your business and some documents will be available to set up your business properly.

You need QuickBooks for Mac setup

Company Information                      
Questions that you need to Answers
Business Name
What industry does your business come from (select from the list)?
KnowWhat payment terms do you want to give to most of your customers? (For example, net 30 or 2% 10 net 30)
Business email
Do you need to make predictions to send to customers?
WebsiteWhat payment terms do most of your suppliers have?
Company logo
Do you need to create a purchase order?
Tax ID (EIN)
What is your accounting year? (For example, 1 January – 31 December)
Business structure as sole proprietorship or partnership
Do you need track income and expenses for multiple locations?
Method of accounting.
Such as cash or casual
Do you need to track revenue and expenses for multiple departments?

QuickBooks for Mac can handle all the day-to-day tasks you need to do while running your business.

1. Track sales and revenue

You can record sales from QuickBooks services or products for the Mac by creating a sales receipt or invoice. If your customer pays you when you offer goods or services, create a sales receipt. However, if your customer likes the bill, you will create an invoice instead. Both sales forms can be emailed to your customer directly from QuickBooks so you don’t have to print and mail them.

2. Keep track of bills and expenses

There are many ways to keep track of your bills and expenses in QuickBooks for Mac. To make things easier, your QuickBooks for Mac lets you connect your bank and credit card accounts with your company file so that your transaction for Mac is automatically downloaded to QuickBooks.

If you don’t want to have a direct connection between QuickBooks and your bank account, then you can manually enter all vendor bills and print checks directly from QB for Mac. The third option is to import the billing details from the Excel spreadsheet into the Excel spreadsheet for the Mac to enter the required transaction.

3. Track Inventory

QuickBooks for Mac tracks all product purchases and sales. This means you can create a purchase order and send it to your supplier. When goods arrive, you can find them directly in QuickBooks according to the order of purchase.

When you sell items on your list, QuickBooks automatically reduces your volume. Additionally, when you arrive at the minimum order quantity, you will receive an alert reminding you to order. Among other options, there are many detailed reports available for you to gain insight into your purchase and sale by product and customer.

4. Play Payroll

If you have employees, you can start Inuit payroll services within QuickBooks for Mac. Payroll processing in QB for Mac starts from $ 29 per month and it service through QuickBooks includes:

  • Payroll Check Count
  • Then Check or make a deposit payment to employees
  • W-2 at the end of the year for employees
  • Then Pay the tax form and filing
5. Accept Online Payment

In QuickBooks for Mac, you can accept online payments from your customers. When you enable the Intuit Payments feature, it keeps the “Pay Now” button on all invoices emailed to your customers. However They can instantly pay through their bank using a debit card, credit card or E check. To enable QuickBooks Payment feature for Mac 2020, then you need to click one or two buttons. There are two plans to choose from when you sign up for Inuit payments.

QuickBooks for Mac vs. QuickBooks Desktop for PC

QB Desktop offers two versions for users: QB Desktop Pro and QB Desktop Premiere. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is not optimized for the Mac Platform, but not identical to the QB Desktop Pro. It will be integrated with later versions with Apple Number v3.5, Microsoft Excel 2016 or Mac Office 365. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Apple Mail and iCloud to collaborate with other MacBooks that can’t be used with PCs.

Other differences are centered around user interfaces, demos, and navigation architecture. The layout and widgets in QuickBooks for Mac are optimized to simplify operations on Mac. Users on the Mojave operating system can use Dark Mode in QuickBooks for Mac 2020.

Macintosh System Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra and higher)
  • Intel processor, Core Duo 2 processor
  • RAM Required: 4GB minimum RAM required.
  • HDD space: 250MB minimum required.
  • Printer: Driver installed on Macintosh.

Download Quickbooks for Mac System

You can download QuickBooks software for the Mac system by accessing the link of download QB Mac, However making sure you meet the minimum requirements for operating the software. Software is a little less demanding software to work with and it doesn’t take up much of your time and space. 

Download QuickBooks Mac Desktop 2020 for free

Macintosh is one of the most advanced software in the world of technology. The software framework is well developed and does not require much heavy processing work to execute heavy tasks. If you work with accounting software, the dream is to make the software more sophisticated and unique.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Mac OS

Application Category: Accounting Software

QuickBooks for Mac user reviews

Quickbooks for Mac user reviews are mixed. Unfortunately, most QuickBooks for Mac users lack some key areas, such as:

  • Data file corruption and data loss risk when trying to use QuickBooks for Mac in version 15/16 with Mac OS Catalina. Customers must purchase the 19/20 Advanced version to use Catalina.
  • Software is not submitted during long journal entries and journal entries.
  • QuickBooks for Mac is often slow to load and may shut down unexpectedly, requiring a complete computer reboot to reopen the software.
  • QuickBooks for Mac has 20 keyboard shortcuts compared to 90-plus keyboard shortcuts in the PC desktop version of QuickBooks. You cannot create your own keyboard shortcut in QB for Mac.
  • Some customers have reported that their bank and / or credit card accounts do not import transactions, sometimes only one account is updated and others do not.
  • If QuickBooks for Mac has thousands of transactions in its database, it can sometimes malfunction and shut down the software randomly.
  • QuickBooks for Mac does not have mobile access for PC desktop versions but for Mac.
  • The 19/20 version of QB for Mac is not backward-compatible. This means that if you are working on the 19/20 version of QB for Mac, and need to send the QB file to Mac Book’s 15/16 version, the older version of the software is newer. The file cannot be read. Edition.
  • Reports sometimes show incorrect data when using multi-user mode.

Although many users find the interface pleasant and easy to use, the shortcomings associated with data and software operation outweigh the compatibility.

Bottom line 

Now that you know what QuickBooks for Mac is and how it works, you’ve got time to decide. QuickBooks for Mac lets you track every aspect of your business. Create an invoice or sales receipt to track income and write a check to pay your bills. With just a few clicks, you can review sales and analyze how profitable your business is. QuickBooks offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Download QB for Mac 2020 and keep your business going at any time. For more information you can visit our QuickBooks Online Support page and solve your queries and problems that you face while using QuickBooks.

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