How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 77

“QuickBooks Error 77” appears when the path/location of the file is not been determined. It also appears if there is any internal damage in your QuickBooks software.

Whenever “QuickBooks Error 77” occurs it makes feel client very irritating because they are unable to open the company file.

What are the reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 77?

There are some reasons by which QuickBooks Error 77 occurs:-

  • The installation of the accounting software is incomplete.
  • Windows Registry is corrupted.
  • Windows System File might be Corrupted by a virus.
  • The programs which are related to QuickBooks are infected.
  • Another important program file might be deleted by mistake.

If you want to know about these reasons, in brief, have a look towards the

The installation of the accounting software is incomplete:-

  •  It means that the accounting software which is QuickBooks has not been installed properly and while installing you have left the installation process in between.

Windows Registry is corrupted:-

  • It means that some harmful software or any unwanted thing is present in your system which is creating a problem to run anything in your system. With this problem, you will also face problems while booting up your system.
  • Suppose you are able to your system then also the error will occur and it will turn your screen into the blue.

Windows System File might be Corrupted by a virus:-

  • If you do not have installed antivirus in your system then it is possible that the file is gone corrupted because of the virus.

The programs which are related to QuickBooks are infected:- 

  • This means that the programs that are part of QuickBooks are getting infected by some virus or any malicious attack which is infecting and giving the Error 77.

Another important program file might be deleted by mistake:-

  • It means any file which is important for your QuickBooks is deleted by mistake and you need to check it. This is also another reason for the Error 77.

What are the symptoms for Error Code 77:-

  • When the error occurs it crashes the active program window.
  • Your system started crashes again and again.
  • The error report message displayed again and again.
  • Your Pc’s Operating system starts running slowly and also does not respond to your queries and inputs that you give to your system via keyboard or mouse.

How to solve QuickBooks Error 77:-

Strategy 1: 

  • Fix TLG imbalance. 
  • Find the transaction log document. It has a similar name as your organization document, however with a .tlg expansion. 
  • Right-click the transaction log document and pick Rename. 
  • Enter another name, for instance, CompanyName-OLD.TLG.

Strategy 2: 

  • Guarantee all clients are logged out of the Quickbooks Data record 
  • Restart all PCs 
  • Copy the information record to a nearby drive and afterward copy it back to the original location
  • Open the record in Quickbooks.

Strategy 3:

  • Nurture harmed file. 
  • Make another file on your C: drive. 
  • Open the file where the company file is spared. 
  • Find the .qbw file. Example: company_file.qbw
  • Right-click the .qbw record and choose Copy. 
  • Open the new file, at that point Paste the file. 
  • Set Windows get to access the permission to share company files. 
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and open the file from the new area.


“QuickBooks Error 77”  occurs because of locating the wrong path for the file and if you have any internal damage in your system like registry is corrupted or file is corrupted by virus then also this error will occur. Above mentioned all information is correct and will surely help you to deal with this Error 77.

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