QuickBooks Error 6189 816|Simple Steps to Fix This

QuickBooks Error 6189, 816

QuickBooks Error 6189 816 “QuickBooks host is unable to open the [path] file on the computer”. This means that the file cannot be accessed. Through this post, we will try to learn more about this error and its solution.

QuickBooks Error 6189 816 occurs when you are trying to open your company files, which can be multi-user networks. And most users will encounter the usual QuickBooks Error 6189 -816 with an error message. An error occurs within the application for a different reason.

Impact: Sometimes the user encounters QuickBooks Error-6189, 816 when the company file is on local system resources or the user has no right to read the QuickBooks company file and some network issues.

What is QB Error-6190, -816?

According to Intuit, error code -6190, -816: “The file [pathfile name] cannot be opened on the QuickBooks host” is an error that occurs when running QuickBooks on a Linux server in multi-user mode. This is because the company file (a file with an extension of .qbw) does not match the transaction log (a file with an extension of .tlg). If a company file with a transaction log file without a match is updated on another computer and re-copied to the server, the two files do not match.

The simplest solution is to locate and delete an unmatched transaction log file (.tlg). QuickBooks automatically re-creates the startup.

It is advisable to find a folder containing your QuickBooks company file and associated transaction log file. Once you fix this error and start QuickBooks successfully, you can confirm the file information for that company by pressing F2 while running QuickBooks. However, By doing this the Product Information window is displayed. The Location field shows the path to that company file.

Causes of QuickBooks error 6189 -816

The transaction log file does not match the company file

The transaction log file is a file that automatically saves the summary of transactions made by the company. It is stored as a [company file name] .qbw.tlg file. You cannot open this file to convert a company file (QBW). Therefore, when the “QBW” file does not match the linked “TLG file,” QuickBooks Error 6190 and -816 show.

Update failure

The failure of the update could be another reason for the QuickBooks error -6190, -816. When a company file is updated on a new device without updating the transaction file, it shows an error 6190-816.

Single user mode

The third cause of this error may occur when another user accesses company files in single-user mode. QuickBooks can be used in single or multiple user modes, each with its own set of permissions. When One notable limitation in QuickBooks’ single-user mode is that users cannot disable QuickBooks Manager. For complete information on allowing two modes, visit this link.

 Some more reasons behind QuickBooks error 6190-816 are:

  • Problems with your multi-user network.
  • QuickBooks may not have an updated version.
  • The user is accessing QB files from a folder where you are not allowed to read and write.
  • The user set up QuickBooks using the corrupt setup file.
  • This error is also caused by an incomplete set of QuickBooks.
  • Some different users have already accessed the data file of the agency you are trying to access.
  • Missing Windows drivers are required to run QuickBooks.
  • If the QuickBooks company file or transaction log file is corrupted or missing.

Solution for Quickbook error 6189 -816

Solution 1: Download and install the QB Refresher Tool

Step 1: The QBrefresher Device can help you shut down the backend system which may cause this problem.

  • Download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool.
  • Go to the download folder and click QB refresher v1.exe.
  • Then Click the ‘Yes’ button for user account approval.
  • Then Click Yes’ to accept the step.
  • Click on my quick books to answer now.
  • Click on Fix My QuickBooks.
  • Then Reopen your QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 2: Restart your desktop wherever the file is located

  • To remove this error code from the QuickBooks Desktop, you must reboot your desktop.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Then Select the Power Key icon.
  • Then Select Initial Record.
  • Now restart your QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 2: QuickBooks data files and utilities

Step 1: Save company files to desktop local storage

Saving your company file online can be an error when the online file storage service is down and QuickBooks is unable to access your online data. To stop this download and store the company data for your storage on your computer and change the location of the company file in QuickBooks.

Step 2: Fix QuickBooks Software Installation Error

If you have a problem with QuickBooks Desktop software, this error is 6189-816.

Step 3: Decrypt any encrypted QuickBooks file

The QuickBooks company may not be able to read the file. If you encrypt it, you can use any encryption software on Windows. However, If this happens, you should definitely decrypt the file as before and try to start it in the utility to fix the error due to file encryption.

Step 4: Fix Windows registry errors and problems caused by viruses and malware

To fix Windows registry errors, we advise you to operate any trusted registry repair tool, and if the registry error is not resolved, search for and remove any infections from the system. Then run your antivirus software.

Step 5: QuickBooks: Fix error caused by ‘.TLG’ transaction log file

To fix a problem caused by the QuickBooks transaction log file, follow the error in opening the company file in QuickBooks.

Step 6: Set the appropriate folder access to allow the user on Windows

  • Navigate to the folder where your user file is store.
  • Then click on the folder and select Properties.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Then Select Users of QB Data Services.

Then click on the application and then click the OK tab to save the settings.

Step 7: Fix a problem with the Windows driver

If you are still dealing with such Quickbooks Errors 6189 816, the drivers need to run QuickBooks may be corrupted or missing. You need to download and run any driver update app to update Windows drivers  or you can contact our Pro Advisors team for reliable and comprehensive support.

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