How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6150 | Easy Methods

QuickBooks Error 6150 is one of the most happening issues in QuickBooks accounting software that can appear due to various factors

when you create, open, or use the company file then error 6150 occurs. Another reason might be that your company file could have some technical issues that need to be repaired immediately. It comes with the following error message:

Identify The Error

  1. When you open your program it will show the error 6150 within the alert box appears simultaneously.
  2. Your computer will get slow and will start to lag while taking input from a mouse or keyboard.
  3. Try to open the file but the program unexpectedly not responding.
  4. Your other program not switch and pop-up box shows program not responding.
  5. Maybe you have a wrong opened file format. 
  6. Installation may be not done the proper way.
  7. If your system may be infected with malware or virus it will modify into the Quickbooks program files.
  8. You have re-install the software in your system. 
  9. Use complete genuine updated antivirus before opening the Company file.

Fixing Methods For Quickbooks Error 6150

There are so many processes to fix this error but we show you some following common method to encounter this error with the process by process Lets Begin…


  1. Modify/Change the Quickbooks location file to another location.
  2. Find the Quickbooks file extension location files where its save.
  3. Now open the directory which has a company file.
  4. Paste company files on desktop location.
  5. Copy the file O the desktop.
  6. First Open and then restore the existing company and move to the desktop.
  7. open the Quickbooks then you will be guided to no company open window, press Ctrl key for few seconds.
  8. QuickBooks Error 6150 can also come due to a corrupted or outdated device driver.update your windows drivers from the official link
  9. You can also use a driver update tool such as DriverDoc to update your drivers automatically. Restart your computer system after update your computer drivers and you should be able to use your QuickBooks. If the error still exists, move to the next phase.
  10. if the problem does not fix from this process then we will suggest you follow the next phase. 


  1. Open the Sample company file having no argument.
  2. In condition, there will be a problem in the file and shows an error, its needs repair.
  3. Clean your infected files through an antivirus scan.
  4. It is highly possible that the error 6150 on your screen is due to some virus attack or malware infection on your computer. Some malware is specifically designed to attack your Operating system. The virus invades the crucial sanctum of information and can also delete or damage the registry or run time files. 


  1. First of all, you have to be using an automatic data recovery copy.
  2. Before giving the error you have to remember that you have to take a backup of your file to restore them when it giving error towards it.


Hopefully, you have resolved your QuickBooks Error 6150, If your problem is not resolved through given guidelines and you paste the company file from the QuickBooks to the desktop location, it will still give an error then the location is not the issue in this case. When the file opens in desktop.

It indicates that the location of the file is the cause behind the problem, for the advanced step and to be clearing all your QuickBooks related concern, contact our Quickbooks support team to troubleshoot your Quickbooks error 6150 on Toll-Free Phone works 24×7 for our valuable Customer.

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