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QuickBooks Point of Sale is an inexpensive, readily available retail software that replaces your cash register and allows you to track inventory, sales and customers. Use it alone or tie it up with hardware components that can save you time and reduce errors. Combine this with QuickBooks Financial Software and you can automatically transfer sales information to your QuickBooks accounting system and streamline your entire business.

QuickBooks POS provides:

  • As soon as you track ring sales automatically
  • Track customer information and purchase history
  • Advanced inventory management tool
  • Automatically create and email the purchase order
  • Create a web store that seamlessly integrates with your QuickBooks POS
  • Track customer information
  • Automatically process credit and debit card sales
  • Organize information from one location to 20 stores

QuickBooks Point of Sale is a complete management tool for your retail company. The system uses QuickBooks for financial processing, and the Point-of-Sale hardware option provides you with end-to-end business management solutions.

With each shipment you receive, your QuickBooks list is automatically updated. You can then view these inventory levels from the sale so that your customers want to keep them in the store without overpaying.

Benefits of QuickBooks  Point Of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is a viable software option for small business owners who want to go beyond the traditional cash register, but may not be in the market for a wider point of sale system. For businesses that already use QuickBooks Pro or any other version of QuickBooks Accounting Software, the QuickBooks Point of Sale is easy to use.

The main advantages of QuickBooks POS are:

  • Good inventory management
  • More efficient reporting for better management decisions
  • Get to know your customers and their preferences
  • Accelerate customer transactions

QuickBooks Point of Sale allows small business owners to enter inventory items into a software program, including names and descriptions of color, size, brand and image. The software program can track the size of the items in the stack and automatically update the inventory level when the item is sold.

QuickBooks Point of Sale can help you:

  • Check out what’s being sold rather than using detailed sales reports
  • Check mark customers and buying habits
  • From the check-mark track list position
  • Check Mark Accept credit cards using your mobile device
  • Instantly sync sales and inventory data with QuickBooks software.
  • Get started immediately with check-mark simple setup instructions
  • At the same time choose to buy check mark compatible hardware
  • Activate your account within check mark minutes
  • Skip the check-mark manual data entry once and for all

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop

  • Accepting credit cards securely
  • QuickBooks integrate with the desktop
  • Saves time with multi-tasking, sorting and keyboard shortcuts
  • Startup time is 10 times faster than the previous version
  • You can make sales, accept credit cards, manage vendors and inventory, and build customer relationships

POS Online powered by Revel Systems

revel ipad point of sale
  • Cloud update
  • Run your business anywhere
  • Ring sales and inventory management
  • Your QuickBooks integrates online
  • No software installation required
  • Process the data and keep the data offline

QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Accountant, and QuickBooks iPad Point of Sale integrates with QuickBooks Online.

You can purchase the QuickBooks Point of Sale desktop and the Point of Sale online versions from our store.

Today and tomorrow, technology and programmers break down barriers to create strong points of sales that fit the needs of the retail business. Supply is where the demand is. However Here are some advanced features that may or may not be included in the software package you purchased.

In general, the POS can perform tasks for customers such as:
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Guy Credit Card
  • Selling
  • Return
  • Exchanges
  • Gift card
  • Gift Registries
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Publicity
  • Concession
  • Multiple barcodes for the item
  • Multiple payment types
  • Time table
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Software Hardware Bundle
Retail Point of Sale Hardware may include:
  • Cash Register
  • Cash drawers
  • Voucher printer
  • Pin Pad / Card Reader
  • Barcode scanner
  • Customer performance
  • Computers & Monitors
  • IPad
  • Router
  • Mobile phone app for listing
  • List of handheld wireless

In today’s world, you have two options:

Desktop Solution: At the expense of one time software, you need to upgrade as needed.

Cloud Based POS: Internet Security – PCI Compliance, for you when you are running. Offers access anywhere, anytime.

Compare Which QuickBooks POS Edition Is Best For You

QuickBooks POS FeaturesBasicProMulti-Store
Save time with Faster Performance: 10 x faster startup time & faster workflows9
Allows better screen readability with improved visual design
Improved Keyboard Shortcuts
Multi-Task by working on different parts of the program (i.e. sales receipt, checking reports, etc.)
Sorting in Key Workflows such as: Ring a Sale, Received Items, Returned Items
Support for backing up files with sizes greater than 4 GB
EMV Chip Card Ready8
Answer a few simple questions to start
Use a bar code scanner to ring sales
Set up a payments account (Merchant Account) that lets you accept credit cards right in your software2
Includes over 50 built-in sales, customer and inventory reports
Create and save customized reports quickly
Ring up sales on your smartphone or tablet (iPad®, iPhone®, Android™) 3
Sync sales & Inventory information from mobile device with QuickBooks Point of Sale software
Transfer sales data to QuickBooks Financial software6,7
Automatically track inventory as you sell and receive items
Import inventory items from Microsoft® Excel®1
Track customer contact and purchase info
Import customers’ files from Microsoft Excel1
Create customer letters easily with Microsoft Word® integration4
Synch customer data and accounts receivable with QuickBooks Financial software6
Use data from the Customer Center to improve your business decisions
Import vendor information from Microsoft® Excel®
Create and manage staff access to Point of Sale system
Allows discounts, returns, store credit and gift receipts
Track petty cash payouts
Access built-in tutorials for common tasks
Includes practice file for exploring without affecting your own business data
Track work and sales orders
Include pictures of inventory items
Track multiple vendors, UPC codes and serial numbers

Fast, easy, integrated POS payment processing with low rates

Protected payment

QuickBooks POS EMV is designed to support updated payment technology for greater data security.

Accept credit and debit cards

Accept all major payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Debit Cards.

Flexible rate option

Easily understandable rates that favor your business and long-term contracts.

Reduce double entries

The list is updated when you sell, and the data is synced with QuickBooks.

There are no setup or closing fees Don’t worry you didn’t pay extra fees for setup or cancellation.

Role Of QuickBooks POS

Accept sales and payments

The way you want to sell a ring is: Use the optional barcode scanner or enter item names or numbers manually using a PC or tablet. You can start the CRM process at the point of sale, offer discounts and add customer information so you know your customers better.

Authenticate, process and record credit or debit card sales in just one step on your QuickBooks POS system. The need to enter information twice will greatly increase your accuracy. You can manage transactions more quickly and move customers more efficiently through check-out

Manage customers

Take CRM to the next level. Look at customer history every time you make a sale, such as balance, credit availability, loyalty program status, and special offers at the top of your transaction screen.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

When you accept a payment, process a sale, or update your inventory, QuickBooks POS helps you save time, effort and potential errors from your books. Also, you will be better prepared in time.

At the end of your sales day, you can reduce your point-of-sale sync with QuickBooks Desktop (sold separately) to double entries, thus saving you time and errors. QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale helps you to update your books year-round, so that you are ready for tax time.

Organize the list

Your list will be updated with each transaction, telling you what’s hot and what’s not. You learn what your bestsellers are, what you need to rearrange and what you can do without it.

You can see in black and white what your customers are buying or not – so you can better offer your product mix.

QuickBooks sends data to QuickBooks Financial Software in a point-of-sale summary format, which you can change from company preferences found in the Edit menu to detailed transactions. If you choose detailed, you can meet inventory limits in QuickBooks Financial (Customer 14,000 and Inventory 14,500).Multi-Store – Transfer between stores of inventory is achieved using a “transfer slip”. This should only be done by transferring store items. The transfer slip updates the size of the sending and receiving stores. This means that the receiving store should not receive a slip on these items because doing so would result in the transaction being duplicated. For more information you can contact our QuickBooks Support Team .

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